100% Pure Organic Lipstick

Moisturise and add a pop of colour to your lips with organic lipstick.
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PHB Ethical Beauty Pure Organic Lipstick deeply nourishes the lips whilst enhancing your look with a fabulous pop of colour. It contains anti ageing oils and sumptuous organic butters to pamper your lips. This lipstick has a lovely creamy texture, it lasts a long time on and the is highly pigmented.

The Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil intensely nourish and soften the lips. The Organic Rosehip Oil and Vitamin E help to keep to good collagen function and restore dry lips for a youthful look.

Why you'll love this product

  • Long lasting and creamy!
  • 100% Natural Origin and 74% Organic Ingredients (without synthetic dyes, animal fats or harmful toxins)
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free 
  • No Parabens and no Toxins (inc. no plastics!)
  • No GM Ingredients
  • Certified Halal (free from the materials that are forbidden by the Islamic society)
  • 20% of profit goes to UK charity
  • Support a UK Family Business


  1. Exfoliate your lips - dry skin can cancel the effect of a liptstick. Pro tip: Using a toothbrush to gently brush the lips can help get rid of dry skin flakes
  2. Moisturise - once that dry skin is gone, you can use a natural lip balm can help with dryness. (Note: using this daily over time will yield better results)
  3. Apply the lipstick to fill and shape the lip area
  4. Use a natural liner to finalise
  5. Blot for a stain effect or build up to intensify the colour.