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21st Jul 2019

The Skin is the human body's largest organ and as such it deserves tender loving care. 

Every day across the globe millions of people like you and me wake up in the morning and start the day by applying cosmetic products to the skin. We do it because we want our skin to be healthy, or perhaps we want to prevent/reduce signs of aging and environmental damage, or to simply look more beautiful and feel a little extra confident.

However, choosing what products to wear can be a daunting task! There are so many products available on the market but not all are free of harmful toxins.

Reflecting on my personal experience, for many years I was buying well known brands, some of them very expensive and my skin for some reason didn't look its best. I could see skin discolouration, dilated pores and I was loosing skin elasticity, which I thought it was an inevitable consequence of aging. Naively, I associated the elevated price tags and global brand recognition to quality. 
As I start to learn more about natural and organic beauty I thought I ought to read the ingredients of the products I was using, which I must admit I didn't do before (huge mistake I know...). It turned out many of the products I had in my cabinet contained parabens, synthetic fragrances, lead and other toxic ingredients which made me feel a little cheated and disappointed. Very quickly after this discovery I decided to switch to natural and organic cosmetics. Rapidly after that I started to notice how my skin tone became more even, my skin felt considerably more moisturised, my pores were less noticeable and my skin was so much firmer than before. It was a great relief. 

I continued to learn more and more about the different natural and organic ingredients and their benefits, I wanted to share with others what I had learnt and this is where the inspiration to build NATURAL:YOU originated from.

NATURAL:YOU was born in London with the mission to scan the beauty market and deliver to you a curated selection of high performing clean and cruelty-free cosmetic products, predominately made with natural formulations, most of which with elevated percentages of certified organic ingredients to indulge the skin. We study the ingredients and sample the products from the brands we offer to you in order to validate their quality and effectiveness. This is a critical step in the decision making process we follow for choosing the brands we add to our portfolio.

Moreover, NATURAL:YOU is committed to a more conscious and sustainable beauty industry. One that doesn’t endanger the health of fellow human beings, that doesn't disturb natural ecosystems and that purposely contributes to the preservation of the planet we live in.
The brands we bring to you have mostly recyclable and/or biodegradable packaging to minimise footprint on the environment. Additionally, when you buy from our store, we package your goods in eco-friendly boxes and wrapping.

Welcome natural and organic beauty to your routine with NATURAL:YOU. We carefully select the best natural, organic cosmetics so that you can be confident they are kind to your skin and the planet.