Feel Good 75ml

Soothe and regenerate skin with Aloe Vera aftersun moisturiser.
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Seventy One Percent Feel Good moisturiser is a deeply nourishing face and body gel cream. This is a fantastic year round moisturiser which delivers great performance in nourishing skin and restoring skin. This is also a great choice for after sun exposure.
It contains Aloe Vera, great for soothing and cooling the skin. The Burity oil promotes a longer lasting tan, the apricot kernels oil aids to retain a natural glow and the red algae extract and Hydranov complex (micro algae, marine sugar and sea water) help to prevent dehydration by holding water in the tissue.

  • 99% Natural Origin and Organic Ingredients
  • Cruelty Free
  • Ocean friendly
  • No Parabens and no Toxins
  • Acrylate Free

Skin types
All skin types.

Apply on dry and clean skin all over your face and body.