Skin Shot Coffee Bean Scrub & Mask 150ml

Re-energise dull skin with nourishing coffee bean exfoliator and mask.
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PHB Ethical Beauty Skin Shot Coffee Bean Scrub & Mask is perfect for removing dead skin cells and stimulating blood flow to give your skin a smoother, firmer and brighter appearance. The Organic Coffee Beans are excellent to help reduce cellulite, prevent ingrown hairs, heal scarring and diminish discolouration.
No fragrance is added to the product.

• 100% Natural Origin and Organic Ingredients
• Vegan and Cruelty Free
• No Parabens and no Toxins
• No Synthetics and no GM Ingredients 

Skin types
All skin types. 

Use 2-3 times weekly. 
SCRUB: Massage into skin in small circular motions to exfoliate and stimulate skin. 
MASK: After scrubbing, leave for 10-15 mins to re-awaken brightness, then wash away.
Tip: Use whilst showering. It will open pores for a deep skin cleanse, plus it’s less messy. 
Ages 14+.